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Flaming torch at sunset by the pool.
Ohana, The Tiki Resort Banner.

Opened in 1960, The Tiki Motor Inn is one of two remaining tiki-themed, full-service resorts with Polynesian dinner shows still in operation in the continental US.

Lewis Vandercar and the Art of the Tiki Resort

Tiki by Lewis Vandercar behind the Tiki Resort

Wherever you roam on the grounds of the Tiki Inn, you’re surely not far from a treasure. Sure we all recognize the Witco mask on the peak of the Paradise Lounge façade and the Leeteg Velvet painting in the Polynesian showroom, but behold the work of Lewis Vandercar!


From the majestic concrete Moai and Outrigger Canoe that lure passerbys to visit, to the army of concrete Tikis surrounding the pool, to the bigger than life concrete sentinel in the back parking area,  the whimsical concrete character as though poised to say “I’m stuffed with rum and good food!” (aka Lumpy!),  the extraordinary murals adorning the hallways to- and walls of the Polynesian showroom. This is the work of a genius. Some refer to him as Miami’s own Andy Warhol.

Painting by Lewis Vandercar inside The Tiki Resort.

For more details download our excerpt from the 2011 Ohana magazine!

Opened in 1960, The Tiki Motor Inn was another brainchild of Lake George legend, Charles R. Wood.

From all accounts, Wood was an innovator, philanthropist, and all-around fun guy. He opened Storybook Village (now Six Flags, right up the road from the Tiki Resort) a Disney-esque theme park, in 1954; a full year before Walt himself opened Disneyland. Wood also beat Walt to the punch with his version of a Polynesian paradise, the Tiki Motor Inn (Walt’s Polynesian Resort wouldn’t open until 1971).

The original lobby area remains relatively unspoiled and is currently called " Paradise", the bar where our Ohana cocktails will be available throughout the event.

Immediately next to Paradise was the Tahitian Lounge (currently Whispers dance club/function room) where Hurricane Hattie belted out songs and jokes before the seductive swaying of Kaena would enter the room.

Vintage Tiki Motor Inn Logo

The Tiki Motor Resort realizes that it is a piece of Americana; something unique, and the last of its kind that’s worth preserving and restoring. With support from tiki-philes and goose-freaks and retro lifestyle busses, the Tiki and nearly all of Lake George, are seeing a boom, as the hip little town that’s trapped in time.                                       

Screenshot of Ohana aMagazine Article

For more details download our article from 2009 reprinted in the digital 2020 Ohana magazine!

Screenshot of 2011 Ohana Magazine excerpt about Lewis Vandercar.

Hurricane Hattie

Hurricane Hattie - aka Dolores Dargie got her name from a very strong and deadly tropical cyclone in 1961. Her bawdy comedy style is described as:

"A whimsical whirlwind of entertainment is yours as the one & only "HURRICANE" unleashes a storm of laughter that will raise havoc on your funny bone!” 

Since 1964, her original rollicking with has kept fun-loving audiences coming back for more at The TIKI in Lake George, NY where she played 6-7 nights per week at the Tahitian Lounge from May to October. She'd deliver homespun wisdom, jokes and piano interludes while wearing her signature muumuu and straw hat , a look invented by Charles Wood, her Tiki nightclub's owner. 

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