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Flaming torch at sunset by the pool.
Ohana FAQ Banner.
  • Can I bring my kids? Are there children’s prices?
    Ohana is a 21+ event. There is a lot of alcohol fueling the weekend and because of that, teenage children can not be admitted. The liquor license won’t allow it. Younger children (infants, toddlers, etc) shouldn’t be an issue with the liquor license, but there’s not a whole lot for them to do during the event. The Lake George area is VERY family friendly, but the Ohana event is really geared toward adults (I’m aware of the irony with the name of the event). I usually tell parents its probably best to leave the kids with grandma and grandpa, and treat Ohana as a weekend getaway for the parents! Also, we do not have children’s prices. The caterers, show, etc only count heads, not the age of the heads, so if you bring a child, they would need a full priced ticket.
  • So what exactly is this Ohana thing?
    Ohana is an all inclusive weekend event celebrating all things Tiki, Polynesian and Mid-Century. There are bands, carvers, vendors, seminars, a pig roast luau with a Polynesian show, craft made cocktails, free swag, a silent auction, and all manner of shenanigans. And best of all, its all for charity!
  • I’m in! How do I join the party?
    You can buy tickets for Ohana right here on the website! They usually go on sale in mid-February, and they will sell out. Just click on the TICKETS link, and buy em! If we show “sold out” there’s a waiting list you can be added to, and if anyone cancels, we’ll reach out and give you the opportunity to buy their tickets
  • I’ve got a room at the Tiki! Am I all set to attend?
    No. Just having a room at the Tiki does NOT guarantee you entry into Ohana. You need to buy a ticket for the Ohana event (See above). As the resort is closed to the public and we have run of the entire hotel for Ohana weekend, you NEED to buy those tickets, and fast! If we’re sold out of tickets and you’re sitting on a room, reach out to us ASAP and we’ll see what we can work out, but realize that you may have to give up the room if we can’t get you tickets.
  • What if I just show up? Are there any “single-day” or “day-of” tickets?
    No. There are no single-day tickets (apart from the Thursday night kick-off party). Your Ohana ticket is good for the entire weekend, and we only sell weekend tickets. I can make the case that even if you can only join us for one day, the ticket price is still well worth the value. If you don’t have a ticket, we ask that you please stay home and try to join us next year. Yes, there is security that will throw you out, and do you really want to be the kind of person who crashes a charity event? That person is a garbage person. Don’t be that person. You’re better than that.
  • I don’t have a room at the Tiki. Can I still come? And how do I get a room at the Tiki?
    You can get a room at the Tiki Resort by calling them directly at 518-668-5744. They handle all the room reservations themselves. Note that rooms often book close to a year in advance of the event!! If you have tickets for Ohana, but don’t have a room, there are plenty of other wonderful places to stay in Lake George, and you’ll still have full use of all the amenities at the Tiki during the Ohana event. See the LODGING page for more info.
  • I don’t have tickets but just want to come and poke around, see the vendors, etc. Is that cool?"
    Unfortunately, no. One of the big ideals of Ohana is that no one has to miss anything. We try to not schedule concurrent events, and we have vendors out in the middle of everything so they can enjoy the bands, the dinner, the show, etc etc. Our Vendors are our attendees/guests just like everyone else. Because of that set-up, only ticket holders are allowed on Tiki property during Ohana.
  • What is the cancellation/refund policy?
    Thirty days or less before an event no refunds will be given for cancellations, as all headcounts will be final at that point and we cannot refund any portion of the ticket price.
  • Pig Roast Luau?!?! You feed the attendees?
    Yes. Included in the price of your ticket is dinner on Saturday night. A pig roast luau accompanied by the Pearls of Paradise Polynesian Show! That’s the only time we feed you though. All other meals are on you. (And yes, we try to accommodate vegans and vegetarians with other options at the dinner on Saturday night. Not being one, I don’t know how good of a job we do, but we’re trying.)
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