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Flaming torch at sunset by the pool.
Ohana Good Works Banner.

 Ohana is a charity event with the bulk of our fundraising supporting the
Easter Island Foundation funding Scholarships, Preservation, Archeology, and Music.

2023 Donation

In 2023 the Fraternal Order of Moai Foundation donated

$57,005 to the Easter Island Foundation!

As always, our donation supports university scholarships for youth of Rapa Nui heritage. We are also proud to support the Toki School through this donation. The school provides music education in both classical and indigenous traditions, while also working to preserve the Rapa Nui language and the disciplines of the island’s cultural heritage. The Easter Island Foundation continues to work closely with local island leaders to seek out additional ways to support the Rapa Nui community. 

Easter Island Foundation Logo

Ever wonder exactly how we raise money for the Easter Island Foundation at Ohana?

You might be surprised how many ways you are supporting the EIF while you’re in Lake George!

Here is a rundown of exactly how you’re contributing to our Fun with a Purpose mission up at the Lake: 

Rapa Nui youth.

Ohana Silent Auction

Ohana Silent Auction Tables

Do you have some tiki-esque treasure that you would like to donate to the Ohana silent auction?


Click here to donate! 

Bid early and often, it’s for the kids!


A focal point to the Ohana festivities is our extensive silent auction. Each year we have a staggering array of items up for auction, graciously gifted to the cause by our many wonderful donors. The silent auction is one of the most lucrative portions of our fundraising efforts for the Easter Island Foundation. In 2022 we raised over $16,000 in the silent auction alone!




Ohana Mystery Bowl Live Auction

In addition to our marvelous silent auction, some very special members of the Fraternal Order of Moai also help us to raise money in a unique and wonderful live auction for the Mystery Bowl! In homage to the Mystery Girls of the classic restaurants the Kahiki and the Mai Kai, the mystery bowl, a bowlful of a delicious and potent tropical cocktail, is auctioned off live on Saturday night at Ohana, and presented with a wonderful (and sometimes zany) dance by one of our own Moai.


The bowl is the high bidder’s to keep, as well as the cocktail inside, serving four or more. A new recipe for this delectable cocktail is custom created each year for the event. All proceeds from this live auction go directly to scholarships for college students of indigenous Rapa Nui descent. 



Supporting the Easter Island Foundation is as simple as ordering a drink in the fantastic Paradise Lounge at the Tiki. 

A portion of every drink sold is donated to the EIF, so drink up! Thanks to the hard work of our Fraternal Order of Moai Mixology team and our generous sponsors, this fantastic custom created menu is only available at Ohana.

Woman serving tropical cocktails.
Ohana cocktail menu and drink with swizzle.


We have lots of other ways we raise money for the Easter Island Foundation up at the Lake: ticket sales naturally go toward this great cause, and individuals and our chapters step up to the plate too; in 2021, the Queequeg chapter even donated their room crawl tips to the cause!


We take Fun with a Purpose seriously at Ohana. We can’t wait to share that fun with you up in Lake George this summer!

Donations made to the Fraternal Order of Moai Foundation go to support a variety of charitable causes!


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