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Tiki Tom-Tom

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Margo "Rocket Betty" Scott

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Tiki Vee


Alfred Shaheen: Iconic Hawaiian Textiles

with Margo "Rocket Betty" Scott

Alfred Shaheen was the largest and most innovative mid-century aloha wear manufacturer in Hawaii. Over half a century later, Shaheen designs are still influencing modern aloha wear and his label has become increasingly collectible. Part of what sets Shaheen clothing apart is the incredible fabric. In this talk, we’ll explore how he revolutionized the fabric industry in Hawaii and became known as, The Master Printer.


Artist, Margo “Rocket Betty” Scott, designs and creates beautifully handcrafted aloha wear that captures the mid-century vibe while remaining fresh and modern. Her aloha coats & hostess dresses can be spotted at tiki bars and events across the globe. With a tropical soul, degree in costume design, and 30 years of professional experience, she has found her passion and loves sharing it with others.

Polynesiacs: Navigating a Home Tiki Bar Build
with Tiki Tom-Tom

Thinking about building a new or further developing your home Tiki bar? Travel along with Tiki Tom-Tom on his recent trip to visit seventy-five escapist and immersive home Tiki spaces across the continental United States. Take a peek inside the private paradises and oases created by Polynesiacs from New York to California and Washington to Florida. Hear the entertaining stories of fellow Tiki lovers. Consider Tiki Tom-Tom's new sixteen-point navigation system based on what he learned from in-depth interviews during his visits. Be one of the first to hear about the NavPoints system featured in his new book - POLYNESIACS: TIKI AT HOME.

Headshot, Tiki Tom-Tom (1).jpg

Tiki Tom-Tom (aka Tom Jaynes) is a writer, photographer, artist, sewist, singer, educator, wanderer, a Honui Moai in the Fraternal Order of Moai, and full-time Polynesiac. A decade ago, his first visit to the Mai Kai Restaurant and Polynesian Show converted him to Tiki life. A former community college administrator turned nomad, you’ll often find him mapping out his next road trip at Queequeg’s Coffin, his home Tiki bar in Durham, North Carolina.


Tiki Vee's Saturday Morning Sugar-Coated Cereal Spectacular

Hey Hey Hey...
It’s Tiki Vee’s Saturday Morning Sugar-Coated Cereal Spectacular
Harken back to the glorious days of youth.
Wide-eyed, in Garanimals, hair all a’tussled.
Of polyester carpet, 8-tracks, and rabbit ears.
Of time spent criss cross applesauce, basking in the glow of channel 9.
The boob tube will show us the way.
...tee hee...”boob”...
One banana, two banana, three banana, four.
Smurfs, He-Man, Muppet Babies and more.

A big bowl...a small spoon...a gap-toothed grin, smiling through a mouth full of sugar-

Crunch, munch, repeat.
So come spend the morning with everyone’s favorite rascal, Tiki Vee.
Your guide to the magical world of green clovers, pink hearts, orange stars, and yellow
Enjoy your favorite cartoons, an all-you-can-eat cereal bar, trivia contest, prizes, and
A celebration of Saturday morning, breakfast cereals, and Cap'n Crunchified cocktails.
Mars, stars, the milky way
When we’re groovin’ I can say.

Pajamas encouraged.
Sense of wonder mandatory.
Neat, sweet, a groovy song
You're invited, come along.
Hope to see you there.
And that’s one to grow on.
-Tiki Vee.

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Tiki Vee Cereal
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