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Ohana 2024 Band Line Up Announced!

Are you hyped? because WE'RE hyped! Here is your Ohana 2024 band lineup:

First, the Voice of Ohana, master spy, and emcee extraordinaire, Jet Sterling has returned to help book the bands this year (and what a job he’s done!!!), and will be back on site in June to give you all the news you can use from the stage.  Huge mahalos to DJ Swankenstein for filling in this past year.  Swank killed it, and did such a great job keeping the party going, he’s going to help out this year as well.  Double MCs, double the fun!!!   

And who exactly will our fantastic MCs be sharing the stage with?   Glad you asked…  Allow me to rattle off the awesomeness:

MESSER CHUPS present new LP “Dark Side of Paradise” 

You know them, you love them, and we’re beyond thrilled to have them.  If you aren’t familiar, or have never had a chance to see them live, whoooo baby are you in for a treat!  An original pastiche of surf, rockabilly, horror punk, lounge, and too many others to list, Messer Chups are an absolute blast to see perform, and we’re proud to have them at and as Ohana this year.  This is one act that is NOT to be missed!

The Manakooras

“Surf-Xotica” supergroup The Manakooras (featuring members of The Aqualads, Satan’s Pilgrims, The Intoxicators and The Penetrators) focuses on bringing traditional exotica to the mainstream surf music genre.  Putting their own spin on classic exotica, expect to be wowed by songs by Drasnin, Denny, all the exotica greats, and a bunch of amazing originals to boot.  These cats have the chops to pull it all off with style and we’re stoked they’re able to join us.  

Surfer Joe  

Yeah, you read that right.  Coming all the way over from Italy to join the party, “international surf music ambassador” Surfer Joe is bringing his music and stories to Ohana to thrill and delight you, bringing the true, authentic side of surf music, carrying on the sound and energy legacy of the original early 60s California bands, while introducing his own unique style. And no better place to do it than poolside at Ohana!

9th Wave

Ohana’s “house band” is back once again to knock your socks off with their unique blend of Exotica and Surf.  If Joe is the “international Ambassador”, 9th Wave are easily the “Domestic Ambassadors”, and truly represent what Ohana is year after year.  Yes, they tear it up on stage, but they do sooo much more throughout the weekend.  From the late night rice bowls to helping with wiring, gear, set up, break down, the pop-up guerilla jam session… they are the hardest working band at Ohana and I’m proud and humbled by all they do.  It wouldn’t be Ohana without them, so we’re lucky they’re going to join us!

Slowey and The Boats

Based out of Philadelphia and refining their craft since 2012, Slowey and The Boats bring that soothing steel guitar sound guaranteed to get you swaying and grooving.  Specializing in obscure and overlooked melodies from far and wide, the group can transition seamlessly from a traditional Hawaiian melody to an Argentinian tango followed by a classic of the American Song book.  Perfect for a pool-side Luau, prepare to be transported to far away paradise.

<mic drop>

<clumsily picks mic back up>

More info about all our wonderful bands is available at:  

Be sure to check it out before (or after) you buy your tickets!  As always, keep staying safe, keep being awesome, good luck with tickets tomorrow, and we’ll see ya at the lake!!


PS. Don’t forget we’ve got the jaw dropping Mystery Band(s) on Thursday for the kickoff party as well.  We are seriously chock full o’ music this year!  All the stops have been pulled out.  There are no stops.  Not a single one.

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