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Kick Off Party: Apacapulco!

Ohana 2022 Kick Off Party: Apacapulco!

This year we’re going to kick off Ohana post-apocalypse style! Imagine the distant future of the year 1999, when <insert apocalyptic event here> has rendered the earth into a wasteland of mutants, warriors, hideous creatures, and a tropical party to literally end the world! Think Mad Max but in aloha wear rather than leather and you’ve got it! Gather influence from whatever wonderfully cheesy post-apoc film is your favorite and dress the part. Want to be the dog from A Boy and His Dog? Awesome! Can’t wait! A gang of War Boys with car parts? A slap-free Robert Neville from I Am Legend? All awesome, all encouraged.

Tell you what, lets even extend it to dystopian futures as well, so you can get your Logan’s Run on. Or Katniss. Or whatever their names were in the Divergent/Insurgent/Regurgent films.

Special cocktails and snack foods will be provided, along with a rip roaring soundtrack of live music provided by The Isotopes!!! As usual, prizes will be awarded for costumes, so get freaky, irradiated, and mutated…and show us what you got!

Mad Max Hawaiian style shirt

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