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OHANA and The Mystery of the Malicious Mai Tai

A Kickoff Party Mystery

It was a dark and stormy ni... *ahem* we mean beautiful summer evening, and the Ohana Kick-Off party was just about to start when Lord Reginald McTipsy noticed something was amiss with his Mai Tai.    

“Gads!” he exclaimed, “Some ruffian has sabotaged my libation!” 


Immediately, he began scouring the area for suspects and clues.  Time was of the essence as the party was about to ramp up.  Soon it would be too crowded to identify and interrogate witnesses, and the Malicious Mai Tai would be distributed amongst all the guests! 


Lord Reginald quickly narrowed down the field of suspects to five ne’er-do-wells he had the displeasure of dealing with in the past.  Each suspect was searched thoroughly, but none had any cocktail ingredients on them whatsoever.  To make matters even worse, all of them had airtight alibis for their whereabouts at the time the Mai Tai was mixed.


It was Lord Reginald’s most difficult case yet and the fate of the Ohana KickOff Party hung in the balance.  He knew he needed help if he was to expeditiously catch the culprit and cure the cocktail.  So he’s turned to his trusty friend and valet… you.


Can YOU help Lord Reginald McTipsy solve this dastardly plot before it's too late?

Clues will be everywhere and it's up to you to decipher them and determine:

  1. WHO sabotaged the Mai Tai?

  2. WHAT ingredient did they abscond with?

  3. WHERE did the culprit hide the ingredient?


Follow the clues and mark your deductions/findings/wild guesses on the back of the supplied mystery card (along with your name or badge name) and turn it in at the Ohana HQ tent BEFORE 5:00pm on Friday.  A winner will be randomly chosen from those who correctly solved the mystery and be presented with a prize on Saturday before the Dinner Show.  


Clues abound:  Cyphers, puzzles, deceptions, red herrings…  Everything you see at the party may be a clue… from the music played to the identity of the Mystery Bands…  It all might mean something… or not.  Its up to you to figure it all out!

Does the order of the drink containers behind the bar mean anything?  Quite possibly.  


Are there hidden messages in the cocktail menu, the banners, and even the clue card itself?  Almost certainly.


Will there be more obvious clues on the tables and easily seen without having to crawl around with a magnifying glass Sherlock Holmes style?  Ok, fine.  Yes.  


ALL clues will be limited to the Kickoff Party area (and the Paradise Lounge).  You do NOT need to go to the possible mystery locations to catch the culprit.

Now, let's meet our cast of characters, and you can start solving the mystery!


The What

Which ingredient was absconded with?

Next, you’ll have to figure out the WHAT.  The possible ingredients are:

The Where

And finally, you’ll need to figure out WHERE the missing ingredient has been hidden.  Possible locations are:

Got it figured out?

Decrypt and decipher what you can and make your selections.  And again, if you can’t figure out one section (or all three sections!) a guess works well too. 

Good luck Junior Detectives, we look forward to your sleuthing skills!

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