FOM Chapters

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Local chapters and the wandering Moai

The mother chapter of the Order is the Kahiki chapter in Columbus, Ohio. As the local group began to expand beyond central Ohio, it was decided to establish additional chapters. There are currently nine active chapters in the United States and each is led by a local Tohunga.

Some members of the Fellowship do not live in a chapter territory. These Fellow Moai are called Tungane (meaning "brother," as in brother of all chapters). It is the duty of the Tungane to try to spread the Aloha Spirit and word of the FOM within their region in hopes of developing their own local chapter. In the absence of a chapter affiliation and Tohunga, Tungane honor the Matu'u.


Moai Tungane

"Not all those who wander are lost."

Kahiki chapter

Kahiki chapter

Chartered 2005. Central Ohio.


Red Palms chapter

Chartered 2006. Greater Chicagoland.


Kon-Tiki chapter

Chartered 2007. Southwest Ohio.


Gumbo Limbo chapter

Chartered 2007. Southern Florida and the Caribbean.


Queequeg chapter

Chartered 2007. New England.


Kokoru chapter

Chartered 2008. Chesapeake Bay.


Kahanui chapter

Chartered 2010. Denver. Inactive.


Te Āporo Nui chapter

Chartered 2011. New York City. Inactive.


Pukapuka chapter

Chartered 2014. Indianapolis.


Tongariki chapter

Chartered 2016. Atlanta.


Tuauru chapter

Chartered 2017. Northern California.


'Ona Paniolo chapter

Chartered 2018. Austin.

Chapter Eternal

Members of the Fellowship who have ended their time on the island join Chapter Eternal.

Roger Danger (2014)
Overproof (2018)